Proyectos y acciones de internacionalización, Representaciones e Intermediación,
conectamos diferentes mercados y facilitamos los procesos
de negocios internacionales

The development of international business requires the specific knowledge of the countries and markets where we operate, understand their economy, their history, their culture, their idiosyncrasy, their business politics and certainly, their advantages and disadvantages.

Always focused on the viability of business of business between countries, in Bilav GT we work in different business units:

Internationalization Projects — Custom made for the client, according to his needs and objectives, for the introduction of a product or brand in a new market; we develop a suitable working plan, from a previous analysis to the final costumer.

Internationalization Actions — Commercial, business, technological, institutional and knowledge Exchange actions with the objective of promoting and facilitating the meeting between companies and institutions from different backgrounds.

Representation — We represent in Spain, companies from several areas, opening them the Spanish market and working closely with the company from origin. We also represent companies and institutions in insertion and evolution in different international markets.

Intermediation — Our objective is to detect, know, develop and consolidate lasting and reliable relations between producers/developers from different countries and buyers/appropriate target markets.

We have large experience in the process of buying-selling food for the industrial sector (fruits concentrate and essential oils, cereals, oils, pellets, wines)

Origin: South America, Europe.

Destination: Europe, Israel, South America.

Somos los representantes en España de IAMF (Israelí Aerospace Manufacturers Federation), que asocia a las empresas del sector de fabricación Aeroespacial de Israel.

Contamos con experiencia en el sector de la representación de importantes empresas israelíes. Representamos en España a la empresa tecnológica Nisko Telematics. Somos también los representantes de la División de Blindaje personal y vehículos de IMI ltd.





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