Nuestra actividad tiene un perfil predominantemente comercial; representamos empresas de áreas muy variadas,
gestionamos mercados específicos y desarrollamos proyectos. Diseñamos y ejecutamos la estrategia más
adecuada para cada empresa y mercado, acompañando en las gestiones y pasos necesarios
en las operaciones de mercado exterior, desde el origen con el productor,
hasta el consumidor final.
Our main target market is Israel and through it, the world.

Our line of work is building links; we specialized in three regions, each one according to its special characteristics: Israel, Spain and Latin America.

Israel is a small country located in the Middle East, along the Mediterranean Sea, at the meeting point of three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. Since its foundation in 1948, the population has nearly tenfold[...]

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To entry in a new market it is important to be in the place and know its principal actors, Exchange knowledge and experiences in order to generate opportunities.

Therefore we put special emphasis on the implementation on internationalization actions: commercial, business, technological, institutional and exchange of knowledge actions.

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The development of international business requires the specific knowledge of the countries and markets where we operate, understand their economy, their history, their culture, their idiosyncrasy, their business politics and certainly, their advantages and disadvantages.

Always focused on the viability of business of business between countries, in Bilav GT we work in different business units: internationalization projects, internationalization actions, representation e intermediation.

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Our services are made to suit the needs of each client, we travel the road together, accompanying each one of the stages, speaking a simple language and adapting to the changes:

Survey and market research in order to evaluate the potential and possibilities of introducing and acceptance of the product, Project and/or company in the country/target market.

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