Bilav GT is a family business founded in 1994 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Since its beginning, the company's activities have been enshrined in
a policy of respect, responsability and trust for each one of
the members with each other and with the companies related.
In late 2009, Bilav GT expands its activities and
opens an office in Vigo, Spain.
  • Francis Papiernik has a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University Ben Gurion in Beer-Sheba, Israel. She began her professional career in the education area, to which she devoted herself almost 20 years.

    Subsequently, she held important positions in commercial areas in several Latin American countries, developing large scale projects, which enabled a wide learning and knowledge of different markets.

    In 1998 she joins the Management of Bilav, providing great commercial experience and in international business development, a specialized commercial field that enters in existing markets and creates new opportunities, through the introduction of new products and services to companies and individuals.

    Francis runs very efficiently the area of Trade products in Bilav, detecting and maintaining a fluid and direct contact with producers/suppliers as well as buyers and clients; she is also an expert in the Kosher market.

    'Every passing minute is another chance to keep changing'
  • Samuel Epstein developed his professional career between the agriculture and education area, combining during his almost 20 years of life in the Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, the management of the intensive cultivation area and the Management of the Education and Youth Committee.

    Graduated in the Technical school of Agriculture "Rupin" and the "Institution of education and leadership for the Diaspora" of Kiriat Moria in Jerusalem. He was sent by the State of Israel in two opportunities to official missions: to Uruguay (1982-1985) and Venezuela (1988-1993), becoming expert in Non Formal Education and Leadership.

    In 1994, he founded Bilav in Montevideo, Uruguay in which h was dedicated to international projects and business later expanded its activities opening an office in Vigo, in 2009.

    Currently, besides managing the area of international projects and action in Bilav GT, Samuel is VP of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Spain Israel in Galicia; he has given numerous lectures and workshops about Judaism and Israel.

    'Impossible only means that you haven't found the solution yet'
  • Bilgai Epstein has a degree in Marketing and Communication from the Universidad de la Empresa of Uruguay (UDE), since his students days, Bilgai created and developed a variety of projects that stood out for their creativity and professionalism.

    In 1994, he founded in Uruguay an innovative company dedicated to editing publications for young people and event developing: sporting, cultural, musical, etc. which he ran with great success nationally during 10 years.

    Besides his passion for marketing and design, areas that he never abandoned professionally, Bilgai has a great capability for conceive and develop entirely new projects. In Bilav GT he is who generates continuous innovative ideas and develops original projects.

We are a flexible and proactive company that knows how to adapt to changes and constantly developing ideas and projects, consistent with our values, capacity and idiosyncrasy.




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