Israel, the start-up country
Israel is known as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. With a population close to Madrid, is the country with more start-ups per capita in the world and higher investment in R&D.
In the city of Ramat Gan, close to Tel Aviv, is one of the economic and technological epicenters of the country. There have their headquarter more than 200 start-up, young companies born from an ingenious idea, framed mostly in the high technology sector and in which development participate venture capital companies.
Being a country with limited natural resources, the fundamental basis of its development is the innovative human capital; aware of their shortcomings and strengths, the country considered to reach an innovative culture, dynamic economy and competitive companies around the world, today they can say with certainty that they achieve their dream, combining public and private effort through the Start-up nation policy, and based in the creation of the joint-venture figure, where the public money share risk with the private, the results had been successful and continue paying off. Israel has built a big group of technological start-ups that captures the attention of the main multinationals.
Israel has made from the R&D its way of life.