Los alimentos Kosher, una tendencia que crece
The consumption of kosher food is a trend that has been increasing in the last years; at the forefront of this trend we find North American market, where the growth is close to 15% per year.
A kosher certified food means that is prepared according to the dietary rules of the Jewish religion entails that it meets the precepts of the Jewish religion that states what the practicing may or may not eat, based in the biblical precepts.
In recent years, the consumption of products with this certification has been expanding, beyond the exclusive consumption of Jewish people. A recent study shows that in US Jews are only 20% of the total consumption of kosher food.
Besides Jews, Muslims and Adventists also consume these foods for religious reasons; the other consumers of kosher food do so mainly by the belief that they are healthier and safer. Kosher is becoming the standard of quality for food ingredients.
In parallel, this growing increase in kosher consumption has increased the number of companies that look for this certification for its products, not only for the traditional food, but all large companies look for this certification for its products.
The certification process of an installation requires the rabbinical supervision which regulates the production of kosher food, ensures that only kosher ingredients are used and the equipment for processing of kosher food is used in an exclusive and appropriate way. Once an installation is kosher certified, all the ingredients produced in that installation are kosher for all manufacturers that use them, whether or not the final product is certified..
Currently, the kosher food sales maintain a steady rhythm even during the economic downturn, so pronounced in recent times. According to Mintel Consumer Research "kosher food has earned the reputation of being considered more carefully produced and with a more complete inspection". The main reason of their consumption is a perception of higher quality and food safety.